FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure

The FTTx MicroLoop is a multifunctional enclosure
deployed in the distribution network.

Robust enough for even the toughest installations.

7twenty degrees Product portfolio
7twenty degrees Product portfolio
FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure (2)
Equipped for mid-span access with integrated bare fibre loop storage the FTTx MicroLoop facilitates up to 4 drop cables either pre-connectorized or spliced. The splice tray accommodates a single PLC Splitter whether pre-connecotrized or bare fibre from 1:2 up to 1:8. A continuous gel seal incorporates cable entries and the enclosure seals to an IP68 rating. The FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure can be wall mounted and is suitable for placement in manhole chambers or boundary access points.
  • The design and material used for the FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure provides ruggedness required for FTTx mass deployment and is suitable for wall mount or placement inside underground chambers.
  • Available with or without a barrel lock for security.
  • Optional customer branding can be provided on the lid.
  • The enclosure’s lid opens upward and contains a self-supporting hinge to allow the lid to remain in the open position while accessing the inner cable assembly.
  • The inner cable assembly can easily be removed for preparation and maintenance work away from the main body, for example: in wall mount applications.
  • There is a continuous seal formed around the inner cable assembly to ensure IP68 sealing. The seal incorporates the master seal, as well as the cable entry seals. Cable entries are formed in the seal and ranges from 2-4mm or 4-6mm cable diameters.
  • Cable fixation is achieved externally via cable tie points. Internally cables are secured via additional cable tie points and cable input / loop inputs have further aramid yarn fixing cones.
  • The splice tray contains a splice bay for 10 off 2.4 x 45mm heat shrink splice protectors double stacked and a PLC splitter bay for either bare fibre or pre-connectorized 900µ PLC Splitter modules.
  • The slice tray hinges upwards and remains in position allowing unhindered access to the loop storage tray. Once the splice tray is returned to the resting point, there are two clips securing the tray in place.
  • The loop storage basket is designed to provide quick access to pack away the bare fibre loop with a capacity to store <70m of 250µm bare fibre.
  • The inner enclosure assembly can only be fitted into the main body with the loop storage area facing towards the back. This provides protection to the primary looped fibre upon opening of the enclosure.
  • The FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure was designed with a maximum fibre bend radius of 10mm and it is recommended for use with enhanced bend insensitive fibres such as G657.A1, G657.A2/B2.
  • The drop cable entry side of the enclosure has two plate options. An adapter plate for 4 x SC simplex adapters (flangeless) or LC duplex or a bare fibre management plate.