FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure

The FTTx MicroLoop is a multifunctional enclosure
deployed in the distribution network.

Robust enough for even the toughest installations.

7twenty degrees Product portfolio
7twenty degrees Product portfolio
FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure (2)
Equipped for mid-span access with integrated bare fibre loop storage the FTTx MicroLoop facilitates up to 4 drop cables either pre-connectorized or spliced. The splice tray accommodates a single PLC Splitter whether pre-connecotrized or bare fibre from 1:2 up to 1:8. A continuous gel seal incorporates cable entries and the enclosure seals to an IP68 rating. The FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure can be wall mounted and is suitable for placement in manhole chambers or boundary access points.