Aerial Slack Bin

The Aerial Slack Bin is a pole mounted enclosure to conceal aerial cable slack.

Robust enough for even the toughest installations.

7twenty degrees Product portfolio
7twenty degrees Product portfolio
7twenty degrees Product portfolio
The Bin is designed to also safely secure the cable even once the lid has been opened, making it safer for the technician to work with at heights.
  • The Aerial Slack Bin is UV stabilised and supplied in grey or black.
  • The lid is hinged and secured with 3 clips. The lid can be opened and closed with a one hand action.
  • The base is fitted with two rear mounted pole support brackets to form a good grip on the pole.
  • There are 4 removable cable slack securing brackets inside the base. Once the slack coil is read to be stowed then the brackets can be removed to get easy access. The slack brackets clip into position.
  • There are 6 knock out ports at the bottom of the base for incoming and outgoing cable. Split grommets can be cut to the cable diameter and slipped into the knock outs to form a seal.
  • The Aerial Slack Bin can hold up to 25m of loomed cable slack for cables up to 10mm in diameter.
  • An optional galvanised pole mount bracket is inserted from inside the base of the bin and fastened around the pole from the rear.
  • The optional galvanised pole mount bracket is provisioned to mount the FTTx Loop Dome Joint as well. This neatens the pole installation with a back-t-back system and makes the equipment aesthetically pleasing.
  • Customers can place their branding on the lid.
  • The slack bin is supplied with 2 pole mount brackets that are fastened to the pole with steel strapping.