Access Box

The Access Box is a micro handhole that provides easy access to feeder
& distribution cables and or ducts.

Robust enough for even the toughest installations.

7twenty degrees Product portfolio
7twenty degrees Product portfolio
7twenty degrees Product portfolio
The Access Box allows for mid-span breakout from distribution cable, or duct, to the customer premises for FTTH/FTTB network deployment. The Access Box is configured to house enclosures and or cable slack.
  • The lid is removable to provide maximum entry into the Access Box and is tethered to the Access Box top, so that the lid remains attached.
  • A dust cap prevents soiling of the mechanical lock.
  • The top is designed with a gutter to drain water run-off from the lid and therefore requires no rubber seal between the lid and top.
  • The main body was designed with a ribbed structure for increased compression strength.
  • The Access Box was tested for mechanical strength in accordance with SANS 554: 2016.
  • Equipped with a quick clip mechanism to secure the top to the base with little effort. This provides for rapid assembly time.
  • The top and base is split for retro fitting onto existing plant. The Access Box can be split post installation for maintenance on plant.
  • Drainage is provided in the base.
  • Customer branding can be accommodated by using the 70x30mm space provided on the lid.
  • The Access Box is lockable using a mechanical lock with universal key.
  • The Access Box is equipped with port caps and knockouts of variable sizes ranging between 8.0mm to 50mm. A split port cap is available for retro fitting over existing plant.