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Quick Guide on 5G Networks, Fibre and Termination Boxes

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The network industry has evolved by leaps and bounds. The recent development and market release of 5G networks promise to show powerful results in the consumer base. As 5G networks are increasingly gaining recognition and adoption, people often think that fibre will soon be obsolete. However, that’s a big misconception. Fibre is more important now than ever, and 5G networks have raised the stakes as well.

From macro sites to tiny cells to rooftop connections, fibre is the backbone of 5G networks. Plus, increasing network demands makes the use of fibre in the transfer and creation of data even more important than before. In light of this, protecting these connections and providing them with proper termination and connection points becomes absolutely paramount. The most crucial components that come into play here are equipment enclosures , breakout boxes, and termination boxes. Here’s how 7Twenty plays a role in the same.

Design and manufacture of 5G enclosures

5g networks

5G comes with heavy equipment that takes care of everything – from transfer and creation of data to ensuring maximum speed and minimal latency. When providing these features to homes, offices, industrial plants and other commercial buildings, it becomes crucial to ensure that this equipment is always in top-notch condition. 7Twenty specializes in the design and manufacture of all types of unique and tailor-made enclosures.

Every operator has their own type of equipment, this is where 7Twenty will step in to design an enclosure that will house all the equipment to suite specific requirements. These enclosures will ensure security and protection of all the assets.

Breakout boxes

A 5G network isn’t a linear connection. Numerous branches spread across different areas and come together to provide customers with high-speed and reliable connectivity. When it comes to providing a safe and secure connection from the distribution network to the towers, we found that most efforts often falter and result in hampered or restricted 5G usage. This is where breakout boxes by 7Twenty fit in perfectly.

The 7Twenty breakout box ensures a quality transition from the distribution network to the towers. It also makes troubleshooting faults extremely easy by providing a streamlined path for engineers and network operators to check and bring the network back into operation.

Without a smart breakout box, it can get very difficult to zero in on the root cause of an issue. This can increase the time it takes to repair a fault.


Termination boxes

Another crucial component for any 5G network is termination boxes. In any network, the optical fibre links need to be protected and distributed efficiently within a particular tower. Cutting corners in this process can lead to faulty connections and can bring down the entire 5G network. This is where termination boxes, designed and manufactured by 7Twenty come into play. These fibre optic management boxes enable efficient distribution of the optical fibre links, whilst simultaneously ensuring that they are always protected from being damaged. In the absence of termination boxes, the link within towers are always highly susceptible to faults.


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