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Customized products for telecom solutions.

We're Driven by Connectivity Solutions

7Twenty Degrees innovates, designs and manufactures customized connectivity products for its customers and we also supply a comprehensive portfolio of our own products designed as connectivity solutions for the fibre optic and telecommunications industry.

We all know that fibre is exceptionally reliable, and it is now more visible and available to consumers globally because of the demand for faster internet. Our products support the installation and connectivity of fibre optics and networks to businesses and private homes focusing on functionality, cost-saving and ease. Our products make the installation of fibre easier and more efficient, specialising in above ground and under-ground connectivity solutions.

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7Twenty Degrees is a world class company that is customer and solution driven. We are based in South Africa but INNOVATE and SUPPLY globally. We have a unique skills set that stands out from our competitors because we partner with the best Industrial Designers , Tool-Makers and Injection Moulding Manufacturers to bring the best possible solutions for the fibre and telecommunications industry. 7Twenty Degrees also places a lot of emphasis on quality of product and rapid delivery time.

We Believe

Nothing is impossible. Everything is achievable.
Have the right people behind you, and always stay customer focused. Have sustainable and innovative products that are one step ahead but are easy to use.

Overcoming Telecommunication Challenges

With our formidable tech-savvy research department, 7Twenty Degrees investigates different markets to identify telecommunication challenges and we try to predict network needs. We offer solutions for our customers to meet their specific connectivity requirements from: 


products & design


A complete package, all in one.

Our Current Product Portfolio Includes:

Boundary Wall Box IP55

Access Box

Aerial Slack Bin

Boundary Wall Box IP68

LDJ Dome Joint

Boundary Slack Storage Bin

FTTx MicroLoop Enclosure

Fence Bracket

How we bring your telecommunication ideas to life: